Consultative Sales Programme

Date: 1st, 8th & 15th October 2021

Duration: Friday mornings x 3

Venue: Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin 12

Cost: €495 per person

Trainer: Austin Halpin

This course will expose new and experienced sales people to best practice personal organisation and professional selling skills.  It is aimed at sales people with no formal sales training and it will also help experienced team members revisit some tried and tested principles. The sole objective of this programme is to help and encourage all attendees to turn the best practice theory we cover into a practical reality when back in the field.  Each sales person will walk away with their own personal plan of action to implement on course completion. The style of this course is exceptionally interactive and practical thus motivating anyone who attends it to improve their overall performance.

Course Content

Key Dimensions of professional sales and understanding your sales role

To start off with we examine the 4 key dimensions involved in any sales role knowledge, attitude, selling skills and your habit of work. Each delegate gets the opportunity to score themselves and identify any potential areas of improvement. We also identify as a group, the key result areas that most professional sales people are rated against on a monthly basis. This exercise really clears the mind in relation to understanding the actual sales role.

Personal Organization and Planning

This is the foundation of successful selling. It covers effective time and territory management skills, along with planning and sales forecasting. It provides the salesperson with some very useful and practical tools that will help them monitor their own sales performance and track their activity levels.

Telephone as a Sales Aid

The telephone plays a vital role in dealing with existing customers and developing new business. This module covers all the uses of the telephone as a sales aid. Handling enquiries professionally, cold calling and making appointments with prospects can be covered at your request.

New Business Development

To be a professional sales person, means to be able to develop new business and generate new prospects on an ongoing basis. This session covers all the aspects of proactive selling. This can include physical and phone canvassing along with other new business development skills.

Communication Skills and Fact-finding

To be an effective communicator salespeople must understand the basic skills of active listening, delivering information clearly in benefit style, non-verbal communication and how to handle difficult customers. We look at various questioning techniques that will help identify your customer’s real requirements. We also discuss the different personality types that you may encounter and how to relate to them in a consultative style.

Presentation Techniques

This session concentrates on how to deliver a professional presentation by means of planning and preparation. It covers how to deliver the specific benefits of your product or service to your client in the most effective manner. This session encourages the salesperson to structure their sales call. An opportunity to practice this can be availed of during the programme. We also examine the 4 recognized stages of the sales call.

Handling Customer Objections

On this module we look at how to handle customer stalls and objections effectively. The salesperson is given a structure that can be used for most sales objections, including price. We also look at why objections can occur in our sales call. We examine how to help prevent customer objections occurring and how to listen for the real concerns a customer might have.

 Closing Skills / Gaining Commitment

Covers the importance of closing the sale or gaining buyer commitment in order to advance the selling cycle further. It offers specific closing techniques for the salesperson to choose from. It encourages the use of prepared and confident closing skills, which can win business if used.