Recognised benefits of customised or in-house training courses

  • Content of the course can be modified to suit your specific training requirements.
  • In-house training can encourage co-operation and foster team-building within any group.
  • Being together can give all sections of the business an appreciation and understanding of each-others role within the organisation thus reducing conflict in the work-place.
  • You get an opportunity to meet with the trainer in advance of any training occurring.
  • A full de-brief on course will be conducted with management once training is completed.
  • In-house training gives you managers a chance to address the staff on other business issues or company policies if appropriate.
  • Training delivery can take place at convenient dates that suit your team and business.
  • By training your team together you set Best Practice standards for everyone generically.
  • In- house training will up-skill and re-energise all members of staff who attend.
  • Training can take place at your business premises if required or at a local hotel, thus minimising travel time for all attendees.

The stages of an in-house training course

  • Introduction meeting with trainer to identify specific training requirements and discuss back-ground of all delegates attending.
  • Preparation of modules and course materials by TSS.
  • Delivery of training programme at your convenience on or off site.
  • De-brief meeting with management focusing on implementation of action plans along with suggestions to management on how to follow up training done to encourage change.