Date: 14th November 2019

Duration: Half day

Venue: The Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin 12

Cost: €295

About this course:

“The things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least” – Goethe
So why do we let them? This time management training course is for anyone who wants to explore the art of personal planning and managing their time and tasks more effectively.

Course Content:

  • Dealing with the most common time traps
  • Time management tools and techniques
  • Communicating with assertiveness
  • Managing Meetings
  • Planning & Decision Making

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply various methods to decide between competing priorities
  • Gain clarity about the most important things to do
  • Have systems to handle to-dos, appointments, file notes and meetings
  • Write everything down and use systems so the miind can relax
  • Understand the differance between a project and an action-step
  • Eliminate procrastination by discribing to-dos in action-steps
  • Appreciate the differance between important and urgent items
  • Manage interruptions
  • Shorten a phone call, while remaining courteous
  • Analyse workflow and identify if holding onto a task creates a bottleneck
  • View delegating as an investment in staff development
  • Set time limits on activities
  • Do all of one type of activity in time blocks
  • Avoid “grasshopper” activity – jumping from task to task
  • Concentrate efforts on top 20% of activities which yield an 80% result
  • Understand the impact of negative and positive self-talk


For full course content please call 1890 260006 or email info@tss.ie