Duration: 3 days

Sean McGlynn – Management Trainer

A graduate of Dublin University, Trinity College, Seán holds an MSc. in Management – Organisation Development/ Organisation Behaviour. and is Managing Partner of Feasa Business Consultants, a company which specialises in Organisation Development; HRD, Performance Improvement; Change Management; SME Development; Business Strategy; Media Strategy; General Management Skills Development; European Studies & Programmes; Training and Development; Coaching & Mentoring.

He has extensive experience in the following industries: Media, Newspapers and Publishing; Print & Packaging; Financial Services; Insurance; Tourism; Retail; Telecommunications; Advertising; Entertainment; Management Consultancy.

About this course:

This 3 day course is aimed at experienced Sales People or Sales Managers who want to develop as professional account managers and in turn increase sales revenue and profit from existing clients.

Course Objective:

  • Understand and be able to apply the principles of client centred selling.
  • Plan a professional and strategic approach to assessing and working your key accounts.
  • Create and maintain a long-term profitable business partnership.
  • Develop your ability to communicate and investigate with professional buyers.
  • Understand the principles of professional negotiation and presentation skills.

Course Content:

DAY 1: Introduction to Key Account Management

  • To understand the role of a Key Account Manager
  • To understand what Client Centred Selling involves
  • Be able to utilise time organisation skills
  • Be able to understand and satisfy your client’s requirements

DAY 2: Making your Presentation to Professional Buyers

  • To identify and enhance own natural style
  • To plan and produce effective presentations
  • To increase self-confidence and control nerves
  • Be able to connect with an audience
  • To improve vocal & visual impact
  • To communicate with clarity & conviction
  • Be able to use visual aids effectively

DAY 3: The Negotiation Process

  • To learn the recognised steps of ‘best practice’ negotiation skills.
  • To prepare in advance of any negotiation meeting.
  • Be able to identify ‘tradeables’ on either side to achieve a win-win result.
  • To learn the skill of assertiveness and how to apply it if necessary.
  • To understand the importance of two-way communication in a negotiation situation.
  • To be able to recognise what stage of the negotiation process you are in at any time.
  • Learn how to stay calm and control an emotional situation professionally.


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