Duration: 1 Day

Date: TBC

Venue: Dublin venue to be confirmed

Cost: €345

Austin Halpin – Sales & Sales Management Trainer

Being involved in professional sales for over 25 years, I believe in a very practical and people orientated approach to business. A genuine interest in helping all sales managers and sales people reach their full potential through a new Sales Support Service launched in 2014. A real believer in turning any training theory given in the areas of sales recruitment, sales training or managing sales people into a practical reality. In short, my focus is on implementation not on theory!

About this course:

This course is aimed at Sales Managers who have, responsibility for achieving sales results through others. Managers will gain specialised skills from this workshop covering Best Practise Sales Management today.

Faced with rapid changes in the world of selling, sales management professionals have a fundamental choice to make. They can continue to manage as they always have, working harder and running faster just to keep up, or they can re-examine some of their fundamental assumptions about sales management, and figure how to work smarter in a changed selling environment. This course shows you how to increase confidence, earn more respect and see better results for your sales-team.

Course Content:

  • Excellence in Sales Management
  • Leading and Motivating Salespeople
  • Analysing your Salesforce
  • Managing Team & Individual Performance
  • Training In Action
  • Team Instruction


For full course content please call 1800 260006 or email