Duration: 3 morning modules

Dates: 2nd, 9th & 16th September 2022

Venue: The Maldron Hotel, Dublin 22

Cost: €595 per person

Austin Halpin – Sales & Sales Management Trainer

Being involved in professional sales for over 25 years, I believe in a very practical and people orientated approach to business. A genuine interest in helping all sales managers and sales people reach their full potential through a new Sales Support Service launched in 2014. A real believer in turning any training theory given in the areas of sales recruitment, sales training or managing sales people into a practical reality. In short, my focus is on implementation not on theory!

About this course:

This programme will expose new and experienced sales people to best practice personal organisation and professional selling skills. It is aimed at sales people with no formal sales training and it will also help experienced team members revisit some tried and tested principles. The sole objective of this programme is to help and encourage all attendees to turn the best practice theory we cover into a practical reality when back in the field. Each sales person will walk away with their own personal plan of action to implement on course completion. The style of this course is exceptionally interactive and practical thus motivating anyone who attends it to improve their overall performance.

Benefits of sales training:

  • It will develop the professional selling skills of the salesperson thus increasing sales performance
  • Improves the confidence level of the delegate, which is one of the foundations of successful selling
  • By encouraging as much group interaction salespeople can learn a lot from each other
  • A training manual is given to each delegate that can be used in the future as a practical reminder
  • Training can be a valuable method of increasing the personal motivation level of salespeople
  • It improves attitude towards the job thus increasing sales performance
  • By training your sales force collectively you can encourage them to develop as a team and build a positive sales team culture
  • Each delegate attending the course will produce a personal action plan on course completion
  • This is a measurable method of managing the application of the training received

Course Content:

  • Key dimensions of professional sales and understanding your sales role
  • Personal organization and planning
  • Telephone as a sales aid
  • New business development
  • Communication skills and fact-finding
  • Presentation techniques and persuasive communication
  • Handling customer objections
  • Closing skills


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