45 minutes in duration –  Cost €90.00 per person

HR Modules

Module 1 – Dealing with Lay-offs and Short-time contracts
Trainer: Sharon Coleman
Date: 20th May 2020 @ 11am

  • What specifically is it and who can implement it?
  • How to implement this change correctly?
  • Who is affected by this change?
  • Procedures and guidelines to follow
  • Possible vulnerabilities and threats
  • Dealing with employees on Probation

Module 2 – Working from home and HR responsibilities
Trainer: Sharon Coleman
Date: 27th May 2020 @ 11am

  • Policy and Procedures that you need to have in place
  • Can the business sustain WFH as the new normal?
  • How can WFH be managed correctly and by whom?
  • The importance of reporting procedures while WFH
  • Productivity levels and managing staff performance
  • Preparing for return to the workplace and the challenges involved

Crisis/Change Management & Business Continuity
Date: TBC
Trainer: Sean McGlynn
Learn how to objectively access your current business situation and examine the internal and external threats to your business. Examine how to formulate a short-term business continuity plan that will help you and your team through this crisis and pave the way into the future.

Working from Home / Organising your time
Trainer: Orla Brennan
To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Learn how to maximise upon your working day and minimise the domestic distractions that we all face when working remotely. Make your new working environment and turn the time available to you into real performance and results.

HR Issues / Working from Home
Trainer: Sharon Coleman
If you have any of your workforce working from home, you as the employer need to be aware of the HR policies and procedures that are relevant to this new working arrangement. We will offer some advice on managing staff performance remotely and how to minimise the possibility of intrusive behaviour.

Brainstorming / Problem Solving
Trainer: Sean McGlynn
Now is the time to open our minds to the concept of “possibility thinking” versus impossibility thinking. Learn how to constructively give your team the opportunity to discuss current challenges and issues and propose some possible solutions that might turn a negative into a positive.

Managing Performance Remotely
Trainer: Karl Duff
Learn how to manage the activity levels and performance of your team remotely by employing best practice performance management techniques. Create your own list of key performance indicators and inspect what you expect on a monthly basis through positive reinforcement.

Customer Retention / Key Account Management
Trainer: Jo Collins
In this time of uncertainty, it is vitally important to keep in touch with your key accounts and customers through whatever medium possible. Examine some practical methods of maintaining customer contact that will further build business relationships for the future.

Managing Stress / Building Resilience
Trainer: Jo Collins
Never has it been more important to be able to recognise the signs of stress in ourselves and our employees and put in place some simple coping mechanisms that will in turn build up our resilience to deal with the challenges we all currently are facing.

Credit Control / Cash Collection
Trainer: Orla Brennan
This essential function has never been more important to the survival of any SME than at present. Examine the basic steps and techniques involved in cash collection and be able to maintain a good business relationship with your customer base for the future.