New Mini Morning Modules
Duration 45-90 minutes

HR Emergency Actions – Lay-offs/Short-time contracts with Sharon Coleman
Be aware of the correct steps and procedures to follow in laying off staff or reducing their working hours. Examine who should implement this and how should they do it correctly. We also discuss the possible vulnerabilities and long-term threats associated with taking this action.

HR Issues/Working from Home with Sharon Coleman
If you have any of your workforce working from home, you as the employer need to be aware of the HR policies and procedures that are relevant to this new working arrangement. We will offer some advice on managing staff performance remotely and how to maximise time and effort.

Working from Home/Organising Your Time with Lorraine Murphy
To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Learn how to maximise upon your working day and minimise the domestic distractions that we all face when working remotely. Make your new working environment work for you and turn the time available to you into real performance and results.

Planning Virtual Meetings/Understanding AV Technology
In this new world we all need to understand and use the basic technology involved in running a virtual meeting. Let us introduce you to some of the technology that is available to you to plan and facilitate a one to one or a group meeting / training session.

Customer Retention/Key Account Management with Jo Collins
In this time of uncertainty, it is vitally important to keep in touch with your key accounts and customers through whatever medium possible. Examine some practical methods of maintaining customer contact that will further build business relationships for the future.

Managing Stress and Anxiety/Building Resilience with Jerry Kelly
Never has it been more important to be able to recognise the signs of stress in ourselves and our employees and put in place some simple coping mechanisms that will in turn build up our resilience to deal with the challenges we all currently are facing.

Managing Performance Remotely
Learn how to manage the activity levels and performance of your team remotely by employing best practice performance management techniques. Create your own list of key performance indicators and inspect what you expect on a monthly basis through positive reinforcement.

Learn the recognised principles of progressive leadership and the techniques required to re-charge and motivate your existing team members during these testing times.

Communication Skills/Conflict Resolution
Whether communicating daily with your team members or with your customers it is vital to understand their thoughts and requirements thus minimising potential conflict. Be able then to communicate your message in a clear, concise and positive manner which will result in a high impact message being sent to any of your colleagues or customers.

Crisis Management/Business Continuity with Sean McGlynn
Learn how to objectively access your current business situation and examine the internal and external threats to your business. Examine how to formulate a short-term business continuity plan that will help you and your team through this crisis and pave the way into the future.

Brainstorming/Problem Solving with Sean McGlynn
Now is the time to open our minds to the concept of possibility thinking versus impossibility thinking. Learn how to constructively give your team the opportunity to discuss current challenges and issues and propose some possible solutions that might turn a negative into a positive.

Credit Control/Cash Collection
This essential function has never been more important to the survival of any SME than at present. Examine the basic steps and techniques involved in cash collection and be able to maintain a good business relationship with your customer base for the future.


Note: All of the above virtual training modules can be personalised and presented exclusively to your own team at a time convenient to your business. For further information on any course duration and costings contact Austin at or on mobile 087 673 9384

Recognised benefits of customised or in-house training courses

  • Content of the course can be modified to suit your specific training requirements.
  • In-house training can encourage co-operation and foster team-building within any group.
  • Being together can give all sections of the business an appreciation and understanding of each-others role within the organisation thus reducing conflict in the work-place.
  • You get an opportunity to have a meeting with the trainer in advance of any training occurring.
  • A full de-brief on course will be conducted with management once training is completed.
  • In-house training gives you managers a chance to address the staff on other business issues or company policies if appropriate.
  • Training delivery can take place at convenient dates that suit your team and business.
  • By training your team together you set Best Practice standards for everyone generically.
  • In- house training will up-skill and re-energise all members of staff who attend.

The stages of an in-house training course

  • Introduction meeting with trainer to identify specific training requirements and discuss back-ground of all delegates attending.
  • Preparation of modules and course materials by TSS.
  • Delivery of training programme at your convenience.
  • De-brief meeting with management focusing on implementation of action plans along with suggestions to management on how to follow up training done to encourage change.