Duration: 1 day

Date: TBC

About this course:

Good communication skills are vital in today’s world. This two-day programme is for anyone who wants to have greater confidence and power in their ability to communicate with other people whether in business or personal conversations, group discussions, business meetings, interviews, letter writing, formal presentations, message taking/giving and by telephone.

Learning Outcomes:

  • By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
  • Develop an awareness of the essential role played by communication in human interaction.
  • Acquire communication skills relevant to business and personal development.
  • Understand the communicative principles and practices involved in gathering and relaying information.
  • Acquire the skills and confidence to convey and interpret meaning, in writing, orally and visually.
  • Develop a critical awareness of communications messages and media.
  • Explore the use of modern communication and information technology, and its application in personal and business life.

Learning Methods:

Participative methods will be used throughout, building upon participants previous experience and knowledge. A range of tailored exercises can be provided to develop individual competence. Training style will be interactive and practical in approach.

Workshop Content:

  • Unit 1: Listening and Speaking
  • Unit 2: Reading and Writing
  • Unit 3: Non-Verbal and Visual Communication
  • Unit 4: Communications Technology


For full course content please call 1890 260006 or email