Over the last 15 years, TSS Training have had the pleasure of working with numerous sales managers and salespeople who came from a wide variety of trade sectors within the Irish market. Many of these clients we are glad to know on a personal level and are still working with them to date.

TSS are now delighted to offer the following new Sales Support Service to our own personal clients and contacts that we have built up since TSS began in 1999. The purpose of this new service is to offer existing clients a practical sales recruitment, training and sales management support package that will cover all the vital elements that go to make up a professional sales manager or sales person. By availing of this new service you will upskill yourself and your team which will in turn increase your sales activities and results.

The service on offer can be broken down into 3 main key areas which are:

  • Recruitment and selection of high performance sales staff.
  • Professional sales training of new and existing sales people.
  • Managing the performance and activities of the sales team.

With these 3 core disciplines in mind, we are delighted to introduce this Sales Support Service which will offer a complete overview of best practice in relation to professional recruitment, training and sales management.

For further details of this new service please give Austin a call on 087 6739384


New two-hour Sales Coaching Sessions

As part of our new sales support service we can now offer one to one coaching on the following sales management, field sales and telesales training modules. Any session can be delivered over a two hour period on or off site over the coming weeks. Training modules include:

Managing Salespeople

  • How to recruit and select potential winners for your sales team.
  • Create your own practical sales activity and performance reporting system.
  • Understanding the role of sales manager and how to plan your monthly time and tasks.
  • How to plan and deliver on a structured field visit that will ensure skills improvement.
  • Recognise the leadership styles available to you and how to motivate a sales team.
  • Be able to plan and facilitate a structured and interactive group sales meeting.
  • Examine the selling styles of your current team along with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Choose the correct sales management style for each individual team member.

Professional Selling

  • Understand and take ownership of your key result areas as a professional sales person.
  • Manage your time and territory effectively by creating your own personalised 10 Block Plan.
  • Examine the different methods of developing new business that can increase market share.
  • Learn how to by-pass gate keepers and make quality appointments with decision makers.
  • Structure your sales presentation by following the 4 recognised stages of any sales call.
  • Learn how to diffuse difficult customer situations and handle standard sales objections.
  • Be able to bring any sales opportunity to a close by getting some commitment to action.
  • Learn more about the possible strengths and weaknesses of your current selling style.