1. The job specification must be clearly defined by your company and agreed by the managers in advance of recruitment. The financial package of basic and commission must also be agreed upon by all concerned.

2. A means on how to attract the right quality sales person must be agreed, this may mean writing effective ads to advertise the role. All answers to your ads must be collated and telephone screened to see if they are suitable to move ahead to the next stage of the process.

3. The next stage of the process is to conduct a screening interview with the suitable applicants which will test their interest level, attitude and relevant skill-set for the sales role.

4. When suitable candidates are brought back for a second interview it should involve another manager. This interview will test past performance through behavioural based questions, that are pre-prepared to test past behavior and sales results. A sales profile exercise may be administered at second interview which will identify the candidates natural selling style to see if they are suitable to the role on offer.

5. We suggest successful candidates are brought back to make a final presentation to management outlining why they are the most suitable candidate for the role. This third meeting can also be used as an opportunity to answer any questions they may have in relation to duties, reporting and renumeration.

6. After all of the above stages are completed, management must decide on their selection and verify their choice by checking individual references before any job offer occurs. The job offer must come in the form of writing as soon as possible to confirm the verbal offer and a letter of acceptance is signed by the candidate.


Define role, attract candidate, screening interview, second interview, profiling exercise, confirm findings, decide and verify references and sign-up acceptance letter summarizing terms / conditions and start date / Induction training.

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