Who we are

TSS Training, established in 1999, specialises in the development of Managers, Salespeople and Customer Service staff by offering a wide range of open and in-house business skills development programmes throughout Ireland, and HR and Recruitment support in the areas of Management, Sales and Customer Service. All of our training programmes can be personalised to your specific requirements and presented on or off your business premises at your convenience.

Why Train With TSS?

  • TSS Training is in business since 1999 with over 600 clients nationwide.
  • We deal with a wide range of clients in many different business sectors.
  • We can supply management and selling styles profiles to delegates on course completion.
  • We conduct an introduction meeting and a debrief meeting for each programme.
  • All of our open programmes can be personalized and presented to your own internal team.
  • Every training programme finishes with the delegate completing a personal action plan.

Why Train Your Team?

  • By teaching Best Practice skills we can help improve productivity and performance.
  • Interactive training is an excellent way of motivating and re-energising your staff.
  • By improving individual skill levels you give people new confidence in their own ability and a feeling of ownership of their role in any organisation.
  • Training encourages team building and mutual employee understanding of each-others role in different departments within any organisation.
  • Provides a correct foundation for new starters and prevents bad habits forming.
  • Proven to reduce staff turn-over and help plan long-term career progression.

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