Sean McGlynn – Management Training

Area of Expertise:
A graduate of Dublin University, Trinity College, he holds an MSc. in Management – Organisation Development/ Organisation Behaviour. He is a past Chairman of The Marketing Society and former Council member of the Institute for Training & Development. He has been a keynote speaker at several national and international conferences.

Sean McGlynn is Managing Partner of Feasa Business Consultants, a company which specialises in Organisation Development; HRD, Performance Improvement; Change Management; SME Development; Business Strategy; Media Strategy; General Management Skills Development; European Studies & Programmes; Training and Development; Coaching & Mentoring.

Sean has undertaken assignments, both in a private capacity and for the EU in a wide range of organisations and industries in the public and private sectors in Ireland, Europe, The Middle East, Central Asia and internationally. He has extensive experience in the following industries: Media, Newspapers and Publishing; Print & Packaging; Financial Services; Insurance; Tourism; Retail; Telecommunications; Advertising; Entertainment; Management Consultancy.


Orla Brennan

Orla is an experienced trainer specialising in all aspects of Training and Development and Customer Service. Her interactive style of training delivery encourages full participation and facilitates the individual participants’ achievement of goals. A dynamic, motivated and professional individual with a flair and passion for training. She has an energetic, infectious and inspirational style.

Orla has over 15 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales, Account Management and 3rd Level Education. She delivers programmes such as – Customer Service, Train The Trainer, Time Management, Sales, Conflict Management, Presentation and Interview skills.


Austin Halpin – Sales & Sales Management Trainer

Being involved in professional sales for over 25 years, I believe in a very practical and people-orientated approach to business. A genuine interest in helping all sales managers and salespeople reach their full potential through a new Sales Support Service launched in 2014. I am a real believer in turning any training theory given in the areas of sales recruitment, sales training or managing salespeople into a practical reality. In short, my focus is on implementation not on theory!


Jo Collins (Associate Trainer)

Jo Collins of Sales Performance has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management, having worked for 20 years in numerous roles with Independent News & Media. In the last 8 years, she enjoyed the position of Group Sales Manager, with responsibility for print and digital sales, while leading a team of Sales Managers and Sales Representatives. She now works as a consultant to various companies to grow their Profits, by introducing Effective Processes and Structures for their Sales Teams. In addition, she coaches and mentors sales managers, on how to be an effective leader and achieve results through their teams.

With over 25 years of experience in Sales and Sales Management, Jo believes that the most competitive advantage any company has is its people. A great leader will inspire their team to dream big, learn more, do more and become more. Focusing on the development of your people will be the key to future success. Jo’s approach to business growth is very practical, and she shares techniques and tips on what has been successful in her previous roles.


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