Date: TBC

Duration: Half Day

Venue: Dublin venue to be confirmed

About this course

Building an awareness of our emotional selves helps us manage our behavior, navigate social interactions and take responsibility for our actions and feelings. This session looks at the role of emotions in the results we get in our personal and working lives, and how our emotional awareness affects the people around us. This half day session will introduce participants to:

  • An understanding of the role emotions play in behaviour and why self management is a balancing act
  • Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is central to personal and team success
  • 4 key attributes of EI – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management
  • The role of automatic negative thoughts and negative core beliefs in emotional response
  • How to reframe the thought process for improved emotional interactions
  • How stress, decision making, time management and communication are all influenced by EI
  • Practical ways to improve your EI

The Inside Out Programme – presented by Jerry Kelly


For full course content please call 1890 260006 or email info@tss.ie