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About this course:

How important is leadership continuity in your organisation? Maybe you as an entrepreneur or business owner intend to retire soon and it is important to ensure a smooth transition of leadership. What would be the consequences of key personnel leaving your company? Have you built up your bench strength of talent and potential replacements for those key people important to your success as a business? This training programme will concentrate on the strategically critical area of leadership continuity and succession. Participants will understand the role of succession planning within the strategic planning framework of the whole organisation.

Who should attend?

This concentrated training programme has been designed to meet the requirements of professional managers and staff who are operating in the following areas of interest:

  • Those involved in the Planning function
  • Human Resources/ Personnel executives
  • Training and Development
  • Senior Managers and staff in Strategy development
  • Those interested in Performance Management and Performance improvement
  • Those involved in Management of Change
  • Those involved in Development Planning for Nationals & Leadership development

Course content:

Module 1

  • Succession Planning – What is it?
  • Benefits of Succession Planning
  • The Need for a New Approach
  • Building Competitive Advantage
  • Building Competitive Advantage through People

Module 2

  • Leadership – Worldwide Leadership Differences
  • Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow
  • The Building blocks of a Good Succession Planning Programme
  • Aligning Corporate Strategy and Management of People

Module 3

  • Managing for Motivation & Performance Improvement
  • Making the case for Change
  • Developing a Systematic Succession Planning Programme
  • Refining the Programme

Module 4

  • Strategic Planning – Where Succession Planning Fits In
  • Assessing the Present and the Future
  • Assessing Present Work Requirements & Individual Job Performance
  • Coaching In – Appraisal Out
  • Getting the Right People for the Job

Module 5

  • Assessing Future Work Requirements & Individual Potential
  • Communication in Succession Planning
  • Performance Management

Module 6

  • Closing the “Development Gap”
  • Operating or Evaluating a Succession Planning Programme
  • The role of Job Satisfaction & Motivation in Succession Planning
  • Training & Development Issues

Module 7

  • Developing Internal Successors
  • Assessing Alternatives to Internal Development
  • Evaluating Succession Planning


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