Date: TBC

Venue: Virtual training

Trainer: Sharon Coleman

Cost: €195 per person

Aimed at all managers in SME’s that are in need of an update on current legislation and practices in relation to the working from home issue and the right to disconnect that we all face going into 2022.

  • What rights have employees currently got in 2022 to work from home?
  • In summary, what does the current employer legislation state in relation to WFH?
  • What are the liabilities and responsibilities of the employer and employee in sharing a WFH policy?
  • Where do employers generally draw the line on office equipment, utilities and furniture to facilitate WFH?
  • What are the recognized benefits to employers and employees in implementing this new practice?
  • Have employees The Right to Disconnect? an overview of the Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect, which was brought into effect in April 2021.

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