8 Qualities That Demonstrate Best Practice In Professional Selling

I have recently had the pleasure of working with some very experienced field sales people from a wide variety of trade sectors over the last few months and they all shared the following qualities that demonstrated best practice in professional selling:

  1. A clear understanding of their role as account managers or new business developers.
  2. They all took complete ownership for hitting or exceeding their monthly sales target.
  3. The majority of them had their monthly sales calls and activities planned in advance.
  4. Most of them allocated time to source and develop some new business every month.
  5. All of them had a structured sales presentation and visual aids prepared for any sales situation.
  6. They were all very conscious of gaining some sort of customer commitment on call completion.
  7. Most of them asked quality questions in advance of selling and actually listened to the answers.
  8. All had a positive attitude to their role and the support and guidance of a good sales manager.

How would you rate your current sales team against these guys ?

Maybe it is a good idea for us all to pocket our ego and re-visit best practice every so often, as they say “The enemy of learning is knowing.”

Article by Austin Halpin

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