Date: TBC

Duration: Morning module

Venue: The Maldron Hotel, Dublin 22

Cost: €295 per person



This programme will give you a practical overview of best practice communication skills that can be used professionally or personally by anyone at any stage in life. This programme is aimed at anyone who interacts by phone or in person with difficult or challenging people situations on a regular basis. The training course helps the participant to develop the skills required to assert themselves, communicate effectively and diffuse potential difficult situations as they arise. Assertiveness, composure and a professionalism attitude really count in any potential conflict situation with colleagues or customers.

  • Being able to recognize and understand emotional Vs logical behavior.
  • Learn how to professionally deal with difficult, stressed or irate people.
  • Understanding the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour.
  • How to improve inter-personal communication by listening and questioning.
  • Empathizing with the challenges / difficulties that other people may be presenting.
  • Phrases and habits to avoid that result in poor communications.
  • How to stay your professional distance and not become emotionally involved.
  • Present yourself as a helpful individual who can assert themselves positively.
  • Become aware of the power of non – verbal and on-line communication.


  • Trainer presentation – Live.
  • Individual action plans to identify areas for improvements
  • Group discussion on all topics
  • Individual and small group exercises if appropriate.
  • Workbook with course content and tips and techniques on course completion.



For full course content please call 1800 260006 or email