Duration: Half day

Date: TBC

Venue: Dublin venue TBC

Cost: €295

About this course:

This course is for anyone who collects accounts. It examines the special skills required to adopt a credit control policy that achieves results without damaging relationships.

Learn how to review modern cash collection techniques and generate ideas for improving cash collection systems. This course highlights the need for good personal organisation and follow-up procedures and shows how this is achieved. It will ensure that you are not financing your customer’s business at the expense of your own.

Course Content:

  • How to put together a successful debt collection programme.
  • The importance of planning & preparation before contacting the customer.
  • Building positive attitudes and confidence necessary for success.
  • Developing the necessary skills of persuasion.
  • Methods for overcoming excuses for non-payment.
  • The importance of keeping records.
  • How to conduct follow-up calls for non-responders.
  • How to negotiate payment terms.

Learning Methods:

Participative methods will be used throughout, building upon participants previous experience and knowledge. A range of tailored exercises will be provided to develop individual competence and feedback provided as appropriate.


For full course content please call 1800 260006 or email