Date: TBC

Duration: Half day

Venue: Dublin venue to be confirmed

About this course

Resilience is about being able to persevere through setbacks, take on challenges and risk making mistakes to reach a goal. This session looks at the way we behave, what causes us stress and offers practical tools and techniques to build personal resilience. This half day session will introduce participants to:

  • Resilience and the key behaviours of resilient people
  • The symptoms, source and causes of unwanted pressure and stress
  • The main driver of stress – “the noisy mind”, and what you can do about it
  • The barriers to changing behaviour
  • Effective coping and management strategies for “robustness”
  • How to become solution rather than problem focused
  • Mindfulness, what it is and how it can help
  • Practical tools and techniques for Mindfulness, Stress Management and building Resilience

The Inside Out Programme – presented by Jerry Kelly


For full course content please call 1800 260006 or email info@tss.ie