DURATION: Half day



About this course:

This half-day programme is aimed at managers, supervisors and team leaders who have customer service staff reporting to them and who want to learn some techniques to create a more positive and customer focused company.

Benefits of Attending This Course:

For the attendee:

  • Your staff are more confident in their ability to manage customer conversations and to diffuse customers who are angry and upset
  • The staff are more positive therefore contribute to a more positive environment for everyone
  • Reduced stress from staff through better questioning which enables them to build up a complete understanding of customer needs and accelerates problem resolution
  • Increased job satisfaction to staff as they can see how their contribution can positively impact customer satisfaction scores and bottom-line results
  • Increased productivity from staff as less time is spent on fire fighting and unnecessary escalations
  • Customer service teams and management using a shared language and demonstrating consistent service and strategies internally and externally
  • Increased business from existing customers
  • Enhanced market reputation as a customer focused organisation.

For the customer:

  • Customers feel that they have been ‘heard’ and understood and are confident that their requests will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by word of mouth and reputation as customers appreciate that your people make promises they can keep and keep the promises they make.

Course Content:

  • Understanding the benefits to an organization of quality customer care.
  • Being able to handle a sales enquiry professionally.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult or irate customers professionally.
  • The importance of creating a good first impression over the phone.
  • Communicate effectively by listening and questioning correctly.
  • Keeping the customers informed and minimising future complaints.
  • Phrases and habits to avoid that result in poor customer relations.
  • How to present yourself as a positive and helpful individual.
  • How to interact professionally with other departments in your organisation.


For full course content please call 1800 260006 or email