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About this course:

Coaching highlights what people can readily achieve, given the right support. Coaching skills for supervisors and line managers is an important part of the company’s performance management processes. A key task for Supervisors and Managers is to develop their people and this requires developing their knowledge, skills and talents. This training course will equip participants in their role as on-the-job coaches and how it fits into the achievement of corporate, departmental and individual objectives.

“If you don’t develop your people, bad things happen. Even if you’re a great leader, you can’t be in the restaurant all the time. What really matters in a store is not what happens when you’re there, but what happens when you’re not there. So you have to develop your people and build them into a team that enjoys working there”
– Jane Lanza, Taco Bell Area Coach

After this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Define coaching as a leadership skill.
  • Demonstrate why developing an employee is important.
  • Describe the skills of coaching and how to implement them.
  • Match coaching techniques with employee performance to correct problem situations and develop employees.
  • Apply the coaching techniques appropriate in your work environments.

Course content:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Relevance of Coaching to Effective Leadership and Supervision
  • The Supervisor/Manager’s Role as a Coach
  • Characteristics of a Good Coach
  • Coaching at work – a definition
  • Benefits of Coaching
  • Barriers to Coaching
  • How Adults Learn
  • Job Coaching Principles
  • The Seven-Step Coaching Process
  • Communication, Listening & Feedback for Coaches
  • The Eight Essential Skills Of Coaching
  • How to bring out the best in others
  • Interpersonal Skills for Coaches
  • Motivation, Influencing & Behavioural Skills for Coaches


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