DURATION: Half day

COST: €295

VENUE: The Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin 22


About this course:

Conflict Management, Communication, and Performance Management are central to the whole success of your team. Many Managers have responsibility for appraising their subordinate’s performance within a formal appraisal scheme. All too often such schemes do not work as well as they should, and systems can fall into disrepute. Good communication is the bond of every successful team.

Course content:

Conflict Resolution

Find out why and how most conflict situations occur in the workplace and how we can prevent them occurring in the first place. The importance of preventing a conflict situation turning into personal stress for all parties concerned which can result in some serious health issues for all involved. We will examine some tried and tested techniques in dealing with conflict situations in any workplace.  Understand the difference between being assertive and being perceived as aggressive which only escalates the situation.

 Communication Skills

Good communication is good business, it’s the glue which bonds people working together to a common goal, but it does not always happen.  You will learn how to get your message across in a persuasive way and how to get commitment and action form both staff and customers.  Barriers to effective communication will also be discussed. How positive communication skills such as listening and understanding the other person’s point of view can diffuse and help any conflict situation.

Performance Management

Most successful business managers have definite goals and objectives. The clearer your goals are the more likely you are to achieve them. On this session we examine the importance of establishing clear and realistic key performance indicators for your team and discuss the importance of measuring these KPI’s, on a monthly basis. We will also discuss how to manage poor performance and how to re-enforce positive behaviour through-out any staff appraisal.


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