Duration: Half day

Date: TBC

Cost: €295

Venue: Dublin venue TBC


About this course:

Most sales people make the mistake of assuming that it is the quality of the information that they present that will close the sale. If this were the case then a brochure would be sufficient – if only this were true! The fact is, it is the ability to deliver a powerful sales presentation that is often the difference between sales success and failure.

Course Aim:

This course is aimed at all sales personnel who want to learn how to deliver memorable and highly effective sales presentations that will set their products and services apart from the rest of the field and gain the confidence and commitment of their audience with a view to increasing sales results.

Course Objectives:

  • On completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify and enhance own natural style
  • Plan and produce effective presentations
  • Increase self-confidence and control nerves
  • Connect with audience
  • Improve vocal & visual impact
  • Communicate with clarity & conviction
  • Use visual aids effectively


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