What Salespeople Really Want From A Sales Manager

When any of our clients engage our Sales Support Service I spend quite a lot of time listening to what the company or Sales Manager wants from the salesperson. Maybe it is now time for me to give some feedback in relation to what the average field sales person actually needs and wants from their sales manager in order to help them reach their full potential in professional selling.

Can I now share with you a selection of requirements from some salespeople that I have worked with over the last few months in relation to what they really want from their sales manager:

  1. A clear overview of the key result areas that they are expected to be involved in on a weekly basis such as new business development and managing existing accounts.
  2. Once they have proven themselves, some trust and good faith from the sales manager in relation to managing their time and territory as this encourages them to take ownership.
  3. A sales manager who can support and help them in the field with difficult clients or prospects. A manager who can really lead by example and demonstrate best practice.
  4. Receiving recognition and praise for all the little tasks that are above and beyond the call of normal duty. In short, catch them doing something right not wrong and recognise it.
  5. Getting regular feedback on financial and activity based key performance indicators such as sales calls per month and performance against sales targets.
  6. Receiving some quality time for a structured monthly sales review that allows the salesperson to express themselves with no external mobile phone interruptions.
  7. Attending well run regular sales meetings that stick to an agenda that actively involve all concerned. Not being exposed to death by power point and long-winded lectures.
  8. Being supported with regular field visits where the manager does not dominate the call as this completely de-motivates a lot of salespeople and they learn nothing from the day.
  9. Receiving some professional coaching or external sales training for those individuals new to professional selling as they are the current ambassadors for your company with all clients.
  10. A feeling that there is an open line of communication with their sales manager. Sales people need to feel they are being listened to and valued by management.

I hope this post serves as a voice for all the field sales people who I have worked with over the years and whom in my opinion are the ones who keep the wheels of commerce turning. If you need help on any of the above areas please visit Sales Support Services.

Article by Austin Halpin

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