Top Ten Training Tips

1.      Run with morning modules as training seems to be received more positively in the morning rather than the afternoon when people’s energy level seems to slump.

2.      Deliver your training message in digestible chunks as most adults like to absorb new ideas gradually and do not like being overloaded with theory.

3.      Try to run your sessions off-site or in a hotel as this will be more motivational for your team and minimise course disruptions during your training session.

4.      Present training programmes as a part of personal development and not as remedial training which can damage delegate’s ego and self-esteem.

5.      Avoid death by power-point as sometimes less is more.

6.      Preparation is key so prepare your slides and visual aids in advance of delivery.

7.      Involve your audience and keep your session as interactive as possible, as this helps you get psychological buy-in from the group.

8.      A positive attitude and a smile goes a long way when presenting or training, as attitude becomes infectious and reduces potential conflict.

9.      Celebrate achievement and do not miss an opportunity to publicly recognise someone in the group who is worth a mention.

10.  After any training session, try to get all delegates to write down at least 3 changes they intend to make following any recent training received.

Article by Austin Halpin

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