Duration: 1 day

Date: TBC

About this course

A practical and interactive one-day workshop, the course is designed for business managers, owner managers or any front line staff who are responsible for managing customer relations, generating leads and increasing sales.

Overall Aim

The aim of the workshop is to help business owners, managers and staff involved in customer account management and sales to gain a strategic insight into the power of networking in order to maximise opportunities and generate sales. Participants will learn the core networking skills to help them become more effective in their ability to influence and communicate with customers, create a slick “elevator pitch”, build valuable contacts and alliances and ultimately win more sales.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to

  • Develop networking strategies to maximize opportunities, generate leads and win sales.
  • Build a valuable contact framework and develop strong business referrals and alliances.
  • Increase opportunities with customers and partners through mutually beneficial relations.
  • Improve their efficiency at networking events through better preparation and planning.
  • Overcome reluctance, build confidence, know what to say and how to approach contacts.
  • Work a room in a professional and confident manner and make the right contacts.
  • Create a powerful presence, portray the right attitude and mingle with confidence.
  • Understand the importance of body language when communicating with customers.
  • Build rapport with great introductions – know what to say and how to say it.
  • Create stimulating and yet relevant ‘elevator pitches’ for different audiences.
  • Build trust and give individual attention, even when dealing with large groups of people.
  • Learn to really listen to customers, ask the right questions and understand their needs.
  • Qualify leads more accurately and work out the true value of contacts.
  • Follow up on leads after each event appropriately and turn them into sales.
  • Know which events groups work best and build them into your networking plan.
  • Continue to network successfully for future opportunities, win sales and repeat business.

Workshop Content

  • Design networking strategies to open up new opportunities, qualify leads and generate sales.
  • The power of networking – effectively become the ‘go to’ guy every time.
  • Widen your net through networking – develop relations, referrals & strategic partnerships.
  • Give to get – discover new ways to generate sales for customers and partners too.
  • Preparation and planning – overcome reluctance and work the room with confidence.
  • Understand the power of body language to influence customers. Portray a powerful presence – get on the customers side and make a connection.
  • First impressions for influencing a customer – knowing what we say & how to say it.
  • Create and deliver the perfect ’30 second pitch’ to get the customers attention.
  • Listen actively & ask the right questions to identify opportunities and meet expectations.
  • Deal with large numbers of people confidently & make everyone feel special.
  • The true value of a customer – how much a customer is really worth v’s the cost to recruit one.
  • The importance of follow up to build relations and get sales.
  • Discover networking groups that work best for you – as part of your networking plan.
  • Network for the future – to build great contacts, get known and win more sales.


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